Finland Post Becomes the Nordic Leading Operator for e-Invoicing Services and e-Services


Finland Post Corporation to Acquire Elma

Finland Post Corporation has bought a majority shareholding in Elma Oyj Electronic Trading, a provider of electronic B2B commerce, e-Invoicing and e-government services. As a result, the Nordic countries will see the emergence of the leading service provider in the region, which is expected to give an impetus to the development of the e-Invoicing market in Finland and Northern Europe.

Based on the agreement signed on 9 March 2004, Elma Oyj Electronic Trading will operate as a Finland Post Group company, on which Finland Post will centralise its e-Invoicing, e-services and EDI businesses, while Elma's Managing Director, Mika Hällström, including other corporate management will continue in their current positions. In 2003, Elma posted net sales of EUR 7.1 million and an operating profit of EUR 1.4 million.
Finland Post Group's Electronic Messaging business unit aims to achieve a major position in the growing Northern European market for electronic invoicing and services. This goal will be supported by Elma's large international customers, competitive services and state-of-the-art technology, which, combined with Finland Post's companies operating in the Nordic countries, Germany and the Baltic countries, will constitute a strong competitive edge. This new group of companies will form an integrated whole, providing its customers with a versatile range of solutions for electronic messaging and e-commerce services.
'A number of studies suggest that operator services for electronic invoicing and commerce will be booming businesses in the near future,' states Antero Sarèn, Vice President, Electronic Messaging. He also says that companies have recently enhanced considerably their capabilities to start making use of solutions for electronic commerce and financial management. 'Following this acquisition, Finland Post is well positioned to provide its customers with a wider range of electronic services.'

Finland Post Group's Electronic Messaging business unit is a provider of printing and outsourcing services, electronic invoicing services and e-services, as well as information management and direct-mail services. The business unit's companies include Atkos Ltd. in Finland, Capella Group AB in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and, in Germany, Capella GmbH with its subsidiaries, Eurocom-Depora GmbH and Data Informatic GmbH. Finland Post has acquired industry leaders in the Baltic countries. In 2003, Electronic Messaging posted a net turnover of EUR 133.2 million. It has a staff of around 1,300, 520 of whom work abroad.

Elma Oyj Electronic Trading is a service provider for electronic B2B commerce, and the company's products and services also enable e-government services. Its e-commerce solutions incorporate full-scale maintenance and continuous monitoring of its systems. Customers receive services quickly, without their need to make new investments in hardware or software, thus avoiding related maintenance costs. With a staff of approximately 80, Elma reported net sales of EUR 7.1 million in 2003.

Vice President Antero Sarén, Electronic Messaging, Finland Post Corporation, tel. +358 (0)20 451 4566
Managing Director Mika Hällström, Elma Oyj Electronic Trading, tel. +358 (9) 4785 5610