Business reply mail

Effortless transactions and replies ─ more feedback

The easier it is for your customers to respond and send items, the better your interaction works. Choose the reply mail service that best meets your needs:

Reply mail item is an easy way for your customers to make orders, send replies and ask you to contact them. It is also highly suitable for transactions with the authorities. The service is free of charge for your customers and you will only be invoiced for returned items. Once you have made a service contract, Itella will provide you with a Reply mail code. Reply mail items use the postal code 00003 VASTAUSLÄHETYS, regardless of recipient's location.

Contest reply is a convenient way for your customers to participate in various competitions and draws without buying your products. The sender pays the postage fee, saving you from paying for NO replies. Contest replies use the postal code FI-00002 HELSINKI and contestants can also write the contest reply address on a postcard or envelope by hand.

Maximum weight 2kg
Minimum dimensions 90mm x 130mm
Maximum dimensions 250mm x 400mm x 30mm *)

*) An item exceeding these dimensions is classified as a Maxi reply item.

Maximum weight 2kg
Maximum dimensions lenght+ widht+ thicknes combined 900mm, maximum lenght 600 mm
in roll form: lenght + double diameter combined 1,040mm, maximum lenght 900mm

Business reply mail indications

Payment indications

Size of payment indication is 30 x 40 mm.

The file of the payment indications