P.O. Box

Itella P.O. Box is a safe and well-functioning solution for start-ups and small-scale companies, home offices and associations. You can collect your mail from your locked box using your own key.

The boxes are located in postal outlets with long opening hours. You will get your mail faster than through basic delivery. A P.O. Box address provides your operations with a permanent corporateesque sense and reliability, even if you donot have your own premises or your street address within the city is likely to change.

The service includes a P.O. Box address, a locked P.O. Box and one key in the box location. The lease agreement for the box is valid until further notice. The calendar year is the invoicing period, and the set-up fee and the first rent is charged when signing the agreement.

Delivering mail to the P.O. Box

The following items are delivered to the P.O. Box:

  • addressed letters and magazines mailed to the P.O. box address
  • notices of arrival for items that can be collected at a postal outlet
  • items equipped with the customer's visiting address if the customer's P.O. box and the visiting address are located within the same delivery office area.
  • Express items are delivered to the P.O. box only if they are addressed to the P.O. box

Leasing a P.O. Box

You may lease a P.O. Box by contacting Itella's Corporate Customer Service. The Corporate Customer Service's phone number is 0200 77000 (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) (International +358 200 77000) and e-mail: customercare@itella.com.