Itella Express Point

Itella Express Point is an excellent option for urgent deliveries that should quickly arrive at a postal outlet for pick-up by the customer. This service is an optimal choice for companies involved in mail-order and direct sales or e-commerce.

Several additional service options are available for this service, allowing you to tailor the transport service to meet your specific needs. As a contract customer, you will be provided with an address label printing software and address labels free of charge.

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Parcel dimensions and maximum weights

Basic Product Information
Destination Countries

In Finland: Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen

Delivery Time

Delivery to the postal outlet the same day, within a separately specified service area.

Indications and Codes

Contract customers are provided the Prinetti address label printing software and the address labels free of charge.

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The shipment will be picked up from the sender according to a schedule agreed on separately.

Track and Trace

Shipment progress and handover information is available in shipment tracking.


An electronic notice of arrival will be sent to the recipient as a text message or by e-mail when the shipment is available for pick-up after 4:00 p.m. at the postal outlet with the delivery ID. Reminders (2) of the arrived delivery will activate the recipient to pick up the delivery, which reduces the number of returned items.

Delivery Terms

Delivery, contract and transport terms


Available for pick-up at the postal outlet during the week of arrival plus two full calendar weeks, after which the delivery will be returned to sender.

Additional Services